Definition of in (or out of) the running in English:

in (or out of) the running


  • In (or no longer in) contention for an award, victory, or a place in a team.

    ‘he is in the running for an Oscar’
    • ‘The issue was not raised after Dean dropped out of the running.’
    • ‘It never crossed my mind that I was even in the running, so it was bit of a shock.’
    • ‘All four teams in the East are within one game of each other and very much in the running.’
    • ‘A quick-thinking team who helped prevent an air crash are in the running for a top honour.’
    • ‘He knows his team are out of the running and it riles.’
    • ‘Looking a few years down the line, I am hopeful of being in the running to be the first-choice keeper.’
    • ‘As the league is rapidly coming to a close the trophies are up for grabs and all eight teams are still in the running.’
    • ‘But they are hardly out of the running for the finals - so reports about player unhappiness with the coach are hardly well timed.’
    • ‘By then the winner tends to be known and three quarters of the teams know that they are out of the running.’
    • ‘So who is likely to be in the running for the honour and responsibility that goes with this new post?’
    likely to get, likely to receive, likely to win, in contention for, a candidate for, in line for, on the shortlist for, being considered for, up for
    out of contention, out of the competition, out of the contest, no longer a candidate for
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