Definition of in (or out of) phase in English:

in (or out of) phase


  • 1Being or happening in (or out of) synchrony or harmony.

    ‘the cabling work should be carried out in phase with the building work’
    • ‘When exiting the corner, the rear wheels turn in phase with the front wheels improving yaw damping.’
    • ‘It's not just a matter of there being more light; when you've got more than one of these things going in close proximity, and they're operating out of phase with each other, they're a hell of a lot more dazzling than the lights on a single car.’
    • ‘This improvement in keeping the moon in phase with the month had the unfortunate effect of taking the year even further out of phase with the period of the recurring seasons.’
    • ‘Advisory committees help colleges and universities stay in phase with industry needs.’
    • ‘Large species tend to produce their young more in phase with high biomass and after the protein peak.’
  • 2Physics
    Having or in the same (or different) phase or stage of variation.

    ‘in a pure inductive circuit voltage and current are always out of phase’
    • ‘This current sets up a magnetic field (called the primary field) which oscillates in phase with the transmitter current.’
    • ‘Both kinetic energy and potential energy components of dynamic energy DE increase in phase with one-another.’
    • ‘In running, however, kinetic and potential energy fluctuate in phase with each other.’
    • ‘This is unlike the corresponding formula for the horizontal component of the velocity, which indicates that it is in phase with the surface wave, i.e. it peaks at the maximum of the surface elevation.’
    • ‘A controller senses an input current and an output voltage across an output capacitor for controlling switching to regulate the output voltage and to ensure that the input current is substantially in phase with an input voltage.’