Definition of in (or out of) condition in English:

in (or out of) condition


  • In a fit (or unfit) physical state.

    ‘what difference should it make to the coach what I do after hours as long as I keep in condition?’
    ‘‘I'm out of condition,’ she panted’
    • ‘A horse that is resting its back very quickly gets out of condition and it can take months to restore it to racing fitness.’
    • ‘But the fact remains that a worrying number of British children are becoming seriously overweight and out of condition.’
    • ‘Long hair quickly gets out of condition if it isn't treated right.’
    • ‘In the meantime, Ramsden may return to All Blacks during the Knights' off-season to keep in condition.’
    • ‘Alma Hodgson, chairwoman, said: ‘The lady felt that her son was too young to use the bike and that it would be out of condition by the time he was old enough.’’
    • ‘Early pre-season practice should stress conditioning and fundamentals because the team must be in condition before the first game.’
    • ‘But not every one is going to be in condition to play every three days.’
    • ‘Now, I know that someone who has great natural shape but is out of condition won't beat someone with a lesser shape who is in condition.’
    • ‘It is a condition of mind in which the mind is out of condition.’
    • ‘Many of the area penners have been practicing and keeping their horses in condition this winter for the first time.’
    unfit, unhealthy, out of shape, in poor condition, in poor shape, flabby, debilitated, weak, infirm, decrepit
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