Definition of in (or into) reverse in English:

in (or into) reverse


  • 1(of a motor vehicle) in reverse gear so as to travel backwards.

    ‘he put the Cadillac into reverse’
    • ‘I grunted and lifted my foot off the brake so that the car rolled backwards in reverse.’
    • ‘The gearshift clicks into reverse and we slide backwards until we begin to slip in the wrong direction.’
    • ‘It requires no auxiliary hydraulics and will scarify only when the loader is traveling in reverse.’
    • ‘Rya put the car in reverse, and I stepped back as the car rolled backwards out of the driveway.’
    • ‘Straight away I put the car into reverse and shot out backwards.’
    • ‘Then the seven vehicles started to move away, travelling in reverse.’
    • ‘She threw the van into reverse and sped backwards, gaining enough distance that she could turn the big van around and flee from the scene of battle.’
    • ‘Justin shifted into reverse and began to drive backwards until the headlights showed us the path to the correct exit.’
    • ‘Fichter threw the car into reverse and took off down the alley, backwards.’
    • ‘I stepped off to the side so he wouldn't run over my feet as he threw the car into reverse and gunned it backwards, oblivious to the fact that there might be a car coming over the crest of the hill at 50 mph.’
    1. 1.1 In the opposite direction or manner from usual.
      ‘a similar ride next year will do the route in reverse’
      • ‘Growing government intervention, in contrast, throws this process into reverse.’
      • ‘These are mathematical operations that are very simple to compute in one direction, but require huge computing power to perform in reverse.’
      • ‘He appears to have followed Herjulfsson's route in reverse, making three landfalls.’
      • ‘When the erectile process works in reverse the smooth muscles contract and the arteries again become constricted.’
      • ‘What happens in reverse, when motorists are directed to half-empty car parks, and arrive to find them full?’
      • ‘If you want to understand its political message, think Ragged Trousered Philanthropists in reverse.’
      • ‘In particular, the dance steps associated with the antimasque were often inversions, or dance steps performed in reverse.’
      • ‘West bound traffic will be following the same route in reverse.’
      • ‘Digestion is alchemy in reverse, with all manner of treasures ultimately being reduced to base material.’
      • ‘Alejandro held the knife in reverse, so that its blade pointed to the direction of the ground.’
      conversely, inversely, the other way round, contrariwise, oppositely, in reverse, reciprocally
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