Definition of in (or into) gear in English:

in (or into) gear


  • 1With a gear engaged.

    ‘he revved the engines and put them in gear’
    • ‘But automakers should learn to illuminate them only when in gear, not while idling in park.’
    • ‘It drives like a bus with, if anything, a slightly larger turning circle, and the gearshift is so floppy that it all but collapses the distinction between being in gear and being in neutral.’
    • ‘The engine restarts automatically when the car is put back in gear.’
    • ‘With second-hand vehicles, you get a car that isn't perfect, because it has been run, parked in supermarkets, started in gear and the seat belt has been jammed in the door several times.’
    • ‘He glanced into the rear-view mirror, put it in gear, and pulled out of his parking space.’
    • ‘Just put the key in, turn it on, put it in gear and you're off.’
    • ‘Ensure that the vehicle is in gear with hand brake engaged when parked.’
    • ‘Chris quickly threw the Jeep in gear and drove off.’
    • ‘In a few short moments, he put the car in gear and drove off.’
    • ‘Sighing, he put the automobile in gear and drove off down the street.’
    1. 1.1 Proceeding with energy, determination, or speed.
      ‘I couldn't get myself into gear early enough on Saturday morning’
      • ‘Florence marked a shift in gear - from building resistance to building an alternative.’
      • ‘Current EPA director Lee Thomas has worked hard to get the agency back into gear.’
      • ‘Find a degree program to get your education in gear!’
      • ‘With an electric rather than conventional hydraulic transmission, shifting the 7-series into gear is also a bit unusual.’
      • ‘You probably have made a substantial investment in gear, with which you're very familiar.’
      • ‘Samples of the chip will be available this autumn, with sales efforts getting into gear by next year.’
      • ‘Perhaps a good fresh read will kick my brain into gear.’
      • ‘To really get into gear, you need to find your rhythm.’
      • ‘All three candidates who will debate tonight on Brockton cable TV got their campaigns in gear last month.’
      • ‘Walter believes we need coordinated international stimulus along neo-Keynesian lines to shift the world economy back into gear.’