Definition of in-country in English:


adverb & adjective

  • In a country rather than operating from outside.

    as adverb ‘selection for the posts takes place in London, or occasionally in-country’
    • ‘And then it hands over management of its own in-country operation to that very same company.’
    • ‘Typically the station operates out of an in-country US installation, with or without the knowledge of the host country.’
    • ‘The training has begun to have a multiplying effect with initial in-country training now extending to courses conducted outside Iraq.’
    • ‘The drain in skilled personnel is not a recent phenomenon; the brain drain has been the most obvious and cheap method to get workers from outside to meet the in-country demand.’
    • ‘One of the chief challenges for Shanghai's bid for regional HQ status is China's relatively tough regulations on in-country holding companies.’