Definition of imputable in English:



  • See impute

    • ‘Proposing to amend the Dallas Charter and accompanying Norms, Dr. Grisez makes a distinction based on the 1983 Code of Canon Law between acts that are and are not ‘gravely imputable.’’
    • ‘In the preceding chapter we have discussed, among other things, those classes of excuses where the lack of mens rea derives from the agent lacking individual autonomy and consequently being not imputable.’
    • ‘Whether the matters complained of are imputable to the country and give rise to State responsibility are thus questions which fall to be determined by the Court at the merits phase.’
    • ‘If the term cause must be used, it can best be distinguished in this meaning as the imputable or responsible or blamable cause, to indicate the value-judgment involved.’
    • ‘Thus, in principle, any violation of rights recognized by the Convention carried out by an act of public authority or by persons who use their position of authority is imputable to the State.’