Definition of improvised in English:



  • 1Created and performed spontaneously or without preparation; impromptu.

    ‘an improvised short speech’
    • ‘Always put a song on the album that's improvised.’
    • ‘We instantly raised the volume of our improvised dialogue in order to muffle the splattering noises from the wings.’
    • ‘In freely improvised music, its roots are in occasion rather than place.’
    • ‘The role of these attorneys was scripted, whereas the responses of the characters were improvised.’
    • ‘In the 1980s Paxton performed less frequently, usually as a soloist and in highly improvised works.’
    • ‘Students are encouraged to progress to developing their own choreography or improvised dance.’
    • ‘Learn more about different formations for improvised group dance.’
    • ‘Once the image has been improvised on-screen, Corey has it printed onto a small canvas in colored inks.’
    • ‘The improviser cannot and does not wait to know the consequences of the improvised production while executing it.’
    • ‘Jim Denley is probably the leading light in the field of Australian improvised music.’
    • ‘The picketline itself, the marching and the improvised singing are very clear in my memory.’
    • ‘Shot on the back streets and alleys of Paris, the adventures have a loose, improvised feel.’
    • ‘I know a great deal of the film was improvised.’
    • ‘They create the feel of an improvised session while faultlessly playing complex multi-layered arrangements.’
    • ‘The orchestrated and improvised anarchy builds to a climax and the tune ends shortly thereafter.’
    • ‘The most amazing thing about these performances is that they were all improvised.’
    • ‘Sahni was most impressed with him regaling the passengers with an uncanny ability to hold them with improvised speeches.’
    • ‘And, amazingly, all the dialogue was improvised.’
    • ‘The burden must rest, however, upon the partially improvised text.’
    • ‘I had a smashing time in Edinburgh last night, using my beard to its full comic potential in a somewhat improvised opening to my act.’
    impromptu, improvisational, improvisatory, unrehearsed, unprepared, unscripted, extempore, extemporized, spontaneous, unstudied, unpremeditated, unarranged, unplanned, on the spot, ad lib
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    1. 1.1 Done or made using whatever is available; makeshift.
      ‘we slept on improvised beds’
      • ‘The UN has already experience in supervising elections under very improvised conditions.’
      • ‘Almost always there is time to assume a steadier position or take advantage of an improvised shooting support.’
      • ‘They are carrying diagrams of an improvised rocket launcher.’
      • ‘The other car bomb detonated at a site where experts were dismantling an improvised explosive devise.’
      • ‘The original barrel was removed and this had been replaced by an improvised barrel.’
      • ‘He said the improvised bomb was planted near one of the gates of the wharf.’
      • ‘During the tour the commandos also discovered 320 improvised explosive devices.’
      • ‘Shortly thereafter, the improvised trail which we were following wound to the edge of the river bank.’
      • ‘With such material as I could find in the vicinity, a little improvised tent was put up over his head, face and neck.’
      • ‘A college can't expect students to accept more than one term in improvised, makeshift spaces.’
      • ‘Improvised restaurants and tea stalls spring up in the evening.’
      • ‘I had a couple of improvised holes in my backyard.’
      • ‘The guerrillas overcame the physical defenses by rigging up an improvised multiple rocket launcher.’
      • ‘She said truckers must also contend with improvised explosive devices on the road.’
      • ‘Below, I have categorized various types of improvised weapons.’
      • ‘Someone is apparently being evacuated from an improvised shelter.’
      • ‘There was plenty of food on the improvised tables.’
      • ‘They try to use the umbrella as an improvised sail while Catherine steers, but it doesn't work well.’
      • ‘The welfare state he fashioned in place of classic laissez-faire was largely improvised.’
      • ‘They waded waist-deep in the grass in a compact body bearing an improvised stretcher in their midst.’
      makeshift, thrown together, cobbled together, devised, rigged, jury-rigged, rough and ready, make-do, emergency, stopgap, temporary, short-term, pro tem
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