Definition of impregnation in English:



  • See impregnate

    • ‘Don't be surprised if in your lifetime the majority of your peers will consider you loony (if not irresponsible) for leaving impregnation up to pure chance-that quaint practice of sexual reproduction.’
    • ‘I mean, it's the time of the month for me that is perfect for impregnation and we haven't used protection,’ she pointed out.’
    • ‘Leak-proof sealing is achieved via impregnation of the leather with a tar-like substance obtained through the boiling and distillation of fir and pine wood.’
    • ‘The virgin birth was believed to be the divine impregnation of a young woman by a god.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the vast majority of servants seem to have escaped impregnation - illegitimacy rates were low, between 2 and 5 per cent.’