Definition of impregnably in English:



  • See impregnable

    • ‘The Democrats, for their part, felt this was all part of a Republican coup that is reshaping the US to make it impregnably conservative.’
    • ‘The Tatshenshini and Alsek are twin prongs of a river draining what's perhaps the most impregnably wild mountain country in North America - the St. Elias and Alsek ranges.’
    • ‘It took the people of the bow and arrow and the horse chariot an immeasurably long time to prevail against the indigenous inhabitants, who resisted them successfully from behind their impregnably fortification of solid masonry.’
    • ‘The only way to dampen illegal immigration - short of an economic revolution in the sending countries or an impregnably militarized border - is to remove the jobs magnet.’
    • ‘His confidence in his own rightness appears to be impregnably complete.’