Definition of imprecision in English:



mass noun
  • Lack of exactness or accuracy.

    ‘all scientific measurements come with some degree of imprecision’
    • ‘The author's other problem is an affected imprecision of language.’
    • ‘The whole exercise of assessing damages is shot through with imprecision.’
    • ‘Are these examples clear, or is there a degree of imprecision in the case law?’
    • ‘During installation, imprecision can lead to interference with other objects.’
    • ‘The digital speedometer does not always reflect actual spped, and the same imprecision applies to the bar-type fuel gauge.’
    • ‘The rhythmic imprecision of the triplet in the melody of the synthesizer only adds an extra element of uncertainty to the passage.’
    • ‘One of the problems with artificial intelligence was that it relied on what is known as predicate logic, which is very intolerant of imprecision.’
    • ‘Does the imprecision of language get in the way of understanding?’
    • ‘Life scientists have more money, less oversight, and much more tolerance for imprecision than physicists.’
    • ‘The real inadequacy of his account lay not in his descriptive approach but in the imprecision of his description.’