Definition of impoliticly in English:



  • See impolitic

    • ‘Insisting that he sought justice, he impoliticly tried to reopen the case.’
    • ‘She had Googled her own name (we've all done it) and found my site, where I impoliticly (but I don't think rudely) referenced her a couple of years ago.’
    • ‘The upgrades range from a predictive computer program that military techies impoliticly term ‘Bug Splat’ to greater use of ‘smart’ weaponry.’
    • ‘‘Frankly, I believe that if the same critics had seen it at the National Theatre in London, they would have embraced it,’ he said at a press conference, where he impoliticly blamed certain critics by name for the production's closing.’
    • ‘They are what some people might impoliticly refer to as throwaway kids, teen-agers who skate along the margins of mainstream society.’