Definition of implosion in English:



  • 1An instance of something collapsing violently inwards.

    ‘the star undergoes a violent implosion caused by gravity’
    • ‘He suggested that radiation implosion, rather than mechanical shock, be used to compress the thermonuclear fuel.’
    • ‘They had designed an implosion bomb.’
    • ‘What if the notion that the buildings collapsed through pre-planted implosion devices is true?’
    • ‘Earthquakes, the primary destructive force of The Ground Beneath, cause implosions and explosions on a much grander scale.’
    • ‘They fled the scene for fear of imminent implosion.’
    • ‘Then, with all the grace of a dilapidated high rise that is rigged for an implosion, the book collapses in a sudden and spectacular fashion, leaving behind a huge pile of rubble that isn't worth sifting through.’
    • ‘The engineers had decided that faster demolition, using implosion methods, would not be an option in this case.’
    • ‘When people think of building demolition, they almost invariably conjure up visions of spectacular implosions with large buildings collapsing in seconds.’
    • ‘In this article, we'll find out how demolition crews plan and execute these spectacular implosions.’
    • ‘The fire caused dust explosions, instantly followed by implosions.’
    1. 1.1 A sudden failure or collapse of an organization or system.
      ‘a global financial implosion’
      mass noun ‘the country was facing economic implosion’
      • ‘The country has undergone a structural readjustment, and the ensuing social implosion is most evident in the capital, one of the world's most violent cities.’
      • ‘The most high-voltage internal strife was witnessed in the ruling party, which was relatively free from such implosions in earlier electoral campaigns.’
      • ‘For much of 2001, private equity firms had to deal with a soft market sparked by the fallout of the dotcom implosion.’
      • ‘It's easy to believe that downsizing staff is merely a prelude to a company-wide implosion.’
      • ‘The efforts of the Soviets to keep pace with American expansion brought them to the point of implosion.’
      • ‘There have been so many sensational corporate implosions this year.’
      • ‘The speculative bubble was at the brink of a dangerous implosion.’
      • ‘They welcomed the fall of the Wall and the implosion of the totalitarian regime.’
      • ‘Consumption is only now beginning to approach the level where it had been at the implosion of communist power.’
      • ‘The book details the band's slow implosion.’