Definition of implacability in English:



  • See implacable

    • ‘And the grotesque form of it - a child's story - only adds to the sardonic implacability of it.’
    • ‘The next time it happens, just imagine that you are arguing with your own stubborn self, and I'm sure you'll change your stance and find that their implacability was to a degree egged on by your own attitude toward them after you determined that they were being stubborn.’
    • ‘But, while one admires Franz for arguing that he has borne witness to the evil others ignore, his implacability makes him a less complex protagonist.’
    • ‘The important thing to acknowledge, to accept and to make use of is the fact of the anxiety - its weight, its size, and its implacability at this time in your life, for whatever reason.’
    • ‘He rejoiced in the implacability of history and the tyranny of absolutes.’