Definition of impermissible in English:



  • Not permitted or allowed.

    ‘their refusal to discuss the issue is impermissible’
    • ‘It's not necessarily impermissible though, provided you have sufficient justification.’
    • ‘Of course, the swordsman would only lose here if he allowed it, and it was a viable option, but risking the spread of his personal curse was impermissible.’
    • ‘The Supreme Court issued a very short per curiam opinion saying without analysis that this was impermissible.’
    • ‘The judge then determines whether this reason is bona fide or the underlying intent was to exercise impermissible group discrimination.’
    • ‘The underlying act is wrong, tainted, impermissible and thus benefiting from it is wrong.’
    • ‘Uncertainty exists because a municipality may enact a subsequent zoning regulation which renders the proposed use impermissible.’
    • ‘For example, it would be impermissible for the Society because it did not wish to offer annuities itself to use its discretion as to bonuses to make it more attractive for the policy holder to use another provider.’
    • ‘This again is criticised as an impermissible extension to the exceptions to the ‘presumption of quantification’ in the new Code.’
    • ‘It was in this state of affairs that the police committed excesses which strictly speaking were impermissible in law.’
    • ‘Exceptionally, in this form, it becomes impermissible to carry out an activity unless it can be shown that it will not cause unacceptable harm to the environment.’
    • ‘It is impermissible to take parts of a work and incorporate them into a second work, even if the second work is different and does not appear to be similar in an overall sense.’
    • ‘His objections to professional film actors and what he considered the impermissible mixing of theater and cinema are renowned.’
    • ‘One can say that both are permissible, on democratic grounds; or that both are impermissible, on libertarian grounds.’
    • ‘Every theory of justice, therefore, has its own theory of exploitation, since every theory has an account of the ways it is permissible and impermissible to benefit from others.’
    • ‘This, the court concluded, was impermissible viewpoint discrimination on the state's part.’
    • ‘Where to draw the line between permissible detention or taking of property and impermissible detention or taking of property is a hard question.’
    • ‘When he said things would be declassified soon, was that itself impermissible?’
    • ‘It is impermissible to construe the Convention in the light of the changes in civil aviation transport since 1929 and the current domestic law view of mental or psychological injury.’
    • ‘But punishing the distribution of the movie is punishment of communication, and should be impermissible.’
    • ‘All told, though, I think a strong case could be made that such inquiries would all involve an impermissible invasion of the couple's privacy.’
    intolerable, insufferable, unsatisfactory, inadmissible, inappropriate, unsuitable, undesirable, unreasonable, objectionable, insupportable
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