Definition of imperialistically in English:



  • See imperialistic

    • ‘We are attempting to be culturally sensitive to local movements (ie, the Taliban) and trying to work within those frameworks - as opposed to imposing (acting imperialistically) our will on others.’
    • ‘The U.S. attempt to return to isolation between 1919 and 1939 is interpreted as a misguided reaction to the discovery that Britain and France had imperialistically negotiated secret treaties during World War I.’
    • ‘Membership included Liberal Imperialist MPs, a number of Fabians, Liberal landowners, imperialistically minded journalists, and nonconformist ministers.’
    • ‘George Curzon and Rudyard Kipling may have been "imperialistically arrogant," but they were also "culturally humble."’
    • ‘In India, local sentiment insists that Bombay is now Mumbai, Madras is Chennai, and Calcutta now Kolkata: three cities that were essentially developed (admittedly exploitatively and imperialistically) by the British.’
    • ‘Nation-states have proliferated out of what since Rome were imperialistically colonized tribes.’
    • ‘Under the new imperialistically minded leadership of Theodore Roosevelt as president, the army was reorganized along the lines of the major military powers of Europe.’
    • ‘He could also be said to be imperialistically imposing Western categories on other cultures.’
    • ‘Feminism is seen as a product of U.S. culture, imperialistically imposed upon Puerto Ricans.’