Definition of imperial preference in English:

imperial preference


mass nounhistorical
  • A system of tariff concessions granted by members of the British Empire or Commonwealth to one another.

    • ‘Breaking down this sterling zone and British system of imperial preference became a central US goal.’
    • ‘In 1904 he resigned from Balfour's government in protest at Joseph Chamberlain's campaign for imperial preference and argued for continued free trade.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, Canada does occasionally break with the system of imperial preference.’
    • ‘A century of free trade was buried at the Ottawa Conference in 1932 when a new commercial system of tariffs and imperial preference, due to last until the 1970s, was inaugurated.’
    • ‘The Lyons government that replaced it at the end of 1931 modified the tariff to provide for imperial preference but did little to reduce protection in a world economy that had abandoned free trade.’