Definition of imperforate in English:



  • 1Not perforated, in particular.

    • ‘The manufacturer recognises that about one per million cannulas is imperforate and has since recommended that they be checked before being fitted to a patient.’
    • ‘The building is enclosed by imperforate walls, a favourite device of Moneo's that reinterprets the traditional form of the Spanish alcazar.’
    • ‘It further subdivides extraxial plates into two types, perforate and imperforate.’
    • ‘Gradually, the larch on the north-east wall and on the almost imperforate ends of the terrace will weather grey, and from the top of the quarry the result is intended to be almost geological, with the turf-planted roof adding to the effect.’
    • ‘Totally imperforate, the wall is clad in grey granite into which are incised examples of all the world's written communications from runes to barcodes, renaissance scripts to Braille.’
    1. 1.1Anatomy Zoology Lacking the normal opening.
      ‘unicellular spores of these parasites have an imperforate wall’
      • ‘The most common associated conditions include Hirschsprung's disease and imperforate anus.’
      • ‘If meconium is delayed, look for meconium plug, sepsis, narcotic exposure, Hirschsprung's disease, hypothyroidism, cystic fibrosis, or imperforate anus.’
      • ‘In girls, it may reveal vaginal discharge, vaginal atresia, or imperforate hymen.’
      • ‘In the former, they are embedded within perforate extraxial skeleton, whereas in the latter, they separate imperforate from perforate extraxial regions.’
      • ‘In typical Level 3 geometries, the shell was tightly coiled, with an imperforate umbilicus.’
    2. 1.2(of a postage stamp or a block or sheet of stamps) lacking perforations, especially as an error.