Definition of imperceptibility in English:



  • See imperceptible

    • ‘Originally, it was nothing in the sense of an imperceptibility of all things, because space, time and objectivity of things were all comprehended in the bosom of what are called the ‘original waters’, the ‘cosmic waters’, a symbology which is familiar to all religious and mystical doctrines.’
    • ‘Can you pay the price for risking perception and imperceptibility?’
    • ‘Unfortunately, high payload has to be achieved at the expenses of imperceptibility as well.’
    • ‘Luckily for you, you have your own form of imperceptibility that works without magic or cutting-edge technology, since it's based entirely on your own sense of timing, tact and gut instinct.’
    • ‘Finally, we will investigate the tradeoffs among data imperceptibility, data hiding capacity, and probabilities of extraction errors in different applications.’