Definition of impassable in English:



  • Impossible to travel along or over.

    ‘the narrow channels are impassable to ocean-going ships’
    • ‘Tree limbs littered flooded roadways, some of which were impassable.’
    • ‘The meeting heard the stepping stones across the river had become almost impassable in recent years and that a footbridge was the only sensible solution.’
    • ‘Escape is almost impossible as the saturated mud sucks at the feet and impassable waterways are formed.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, he could also see it was blocked off by an impassable steel grate.’
    • ‘I know my age has thrown up an impassable block in our road together.’
    • ‘A few lived in adjoining counties and also were unable to travel due to flooded and impassable roads.’
    • ‘There it will be crushed to form an aggregate base to repair a 6km section of track that has become deeply rutted and virtually impassable.’
    • ‘A secondary school in Trowbridge was forced to close on Wednesday when flash floods left corridors impassable.’
    • ‘At Kew, there can be as little as three feet of water during low tide, while a high tide results in Hammersmith Bridge becoming almost impassable.’
    • ‘We are not prepared for snow (though we should be) so airports shut down and ungritted roads become lethal or impassable.’
    • ‘The very roads that permit us to travel may be impassable barriers to other species.’
    • ‘For the secret of all Austrian music is that there is no impassable barrier between the music of the people and ‘culture’.’
    • ‘In many cases that seems to be an impassable barrier.’
    • ‘Some of the roads remain impassable because they are covered with water.’
    • ‘It is gated and has a high trellis fence all around with a barrier on top to make it impassable to cats from both inside and out.’
    • ‘The rarity of paragraphs and unbearably long sentences also add to this constraint; the page is an impassable, unending block.’
    • ‘Gallipoli resembled a huge sandpit full of precipices, endless ravines and impassable ridges covered in thick scrub.’
    • ‘But I bet she doesn't spin her son's decisions as an impassable ideological gulf and an affront to his mother.’
    • ‘The beginning of the rainy season has made some roads impassable and the presence of militias make it dangerous to travel.’
    • ‘The fine weather helped to bring out the crowds and the street was almost impassable to traffic as people flocked the road and footpaths.’
    blocked, closed, obstructed, impenetrable
    pathless, trackless
    unnavigable, untraversable, unpassable
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