Definition of impactive in English:



  • Having a strong effect or influence; making an impression.

    ‘impactive colour radiates from the sculptures’
    • ‘So I think anything that is immediate, impactive and sends out a cultural message that ‘this is something we are going to change around’ will be helpful.’
    • ‘However, I agree with the point, you can have a resolution without sanctions, but what we have to look at is how impactive is that resolution going to be if there are not sanctions in place for wrongdoings?’
    • ‘But probably the most impactive dualist thinker would have to be Descartes, the father of modern philosophy.’
    • ‘I have attended several of those now, both as a participant and as a person helping to run them and helping to comment on what comes out of them, and they are hugely impactive, I have to say.’
    • ‘‘Young people are often much maligned but they do have an important voice and by involving them in this it's going to be particularly impactive,’ he said.’