Definition of immotile in English:



  • Not motile.

    • ‘A small number of the mutants in this class produced sperm that appeared immotile; most produced reasonable quantities of motile sperm.’
    • ‘Many of these immotile spermatids are dislodged from the spermatheca and swept away as oocytes parade through the reproductive tract.’
    • ‘Due to the flagellation constraint, the cost of reproduction (in terms of the amount of time spent in an immotile stage) increases with increasing colony size.’
    • ‘The immotile cilia lack the motor protein dynein, which is essential for their movement.’
    • ‘He showed that the amoeba Pelomyxa became immotile upon illumination, whereas the photosynthetic alga Euglena was attracted to light.’
    immovable, unbudgeable
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