Definition of immortally in English:



  • See immortal

    • ‘Conversely, to an obviously incompetent reader who had sent him some very nasty critical comments, he replied, finally and immortally, ‘Sir, it is not for you that I write.'’
    • ‘And with a kiss, they were immortally bonded to one another, in heart, in body, and in spirit.’
    • ‘Their lust and need for blood, in order to survive and live immortally, has terrorized humans both in fact and folklore.’
    • ‘As Schickel notes: ‘There's no Ginger Rogers linked immortally to Kelly's name, and that's no accident.’’
    • ‘The birthplace of Ringo - the man whose voice immortally informs the world that he can get by with a little help from his friends - is a place of pilgrimage.’