Definition of immortality in English:



mass noun
  • 1The ability to live forever; eternal life.

    ‘eating the fruit gave the gods immortality’
    • ‘Later, in a remarkable and rare testament to sporting immortality, he gave his name to an entire housing development.’
    • ‘A less driven woman might have been content with such generous helpings of immortality, but she was not that placid woman.’
    • ‘No one can write a book aspiring to immortality, for it would then court both ridicule and certain mortality.’
    • ‘The villain achieves a kind of immortality by using a device called the Lazarus Pit to rejuvenate his aged body.’
    • ‘The leaden poems have won him immortality as the world's worst poet and now he is to be cast in bronze.’
    eternal life, everlasting life, deathlessness, everlastingness, endlessness, perpetuity
    timelessness, legendary status
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    1. 1.1 The quality of deserving to be remembered for a long time; timelessness.
      ‘occasionally a guide book has achieved immortality’
      • ‘The immortality of books may, from this point of view, need less attention than efforts to contain the costs associated with their immortal accretion.’
      • ‘Standing on the 16th tee the Dane needed two birdies over the closing three holes for a round of 62 and immortality.’
      • ‘In so doing it has attained a certain form of immortality.’
      • ‘Both of them made their lasting claims to immortality on this windswept ridge.’
      • ‘At this point, only quarterback Tom Brady appears destined for immortality.’
      • ‘Batting towards baseball immortality, Ichiro Suzuki added two more hits last night.’
      • ‘About ten or so years ago the pair of them garnered immortality among guitar toting purveyors of extreme music.’
      • ‘The powerlessness of kindness, of senseless kindness, is the secret of its immortality.’
      • ‘The complete third season is an amazing demonstration to the immortality of this show.’
      • ‘To have your name become a verb is to achieve a certain form of immortality.’
      • ‘Most television actors get one shot at immortality.’
      • ‘Manchester United's golden partnership is heading for Old Trafford immortality.’
      • ‘It wouldn't allow Istabraq a place in racing immortality.’
      • ‘Now, the problem in politics, is, very few politicians have a sense of that kind of personal immortality.’
      • ‘Sixty minutes separate this Presentation College crew from immortality.’
      • ‘Chapman believed his actions would help him achieve immortality.’
      • ‘Thus, Robert Browning becomes the hero of the romance of immortality.’
      • ‘But political passion overwhelmed aesthetic concentration, and so, outside Italy at any rate, he has forfeited literary immortality.’