Definition of immorality in English:



mass noun
  • The state or quality of being immoral; wickedness.

    ‘he believed his father had been punished by God for his immorality’
    count noun ‘her alleged immoralities aroused a public outcry’
    • ‘But it may take two or three generations to get rid of this corrupt mentality and immorality of the present generation.’
    • ‘No country, no state, has ever survived in history on the basis of evil and immorality.’
    • ‘The corruption and immorality that pervades the exercise is astounding.’
    • ‘This world is full of hope and joy, but it is also beset by evil, immorality and sin.’
    • ‘We did not and will not think for one moment to target them even if they were people of immorality and debauchery.’
    wickedness, immoral behaviour, badness, evil, vileness, iniquity, corruption, dishonesty, dishonourableness
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