Definition of immoralist in English:



  • See immoralism

    • ‘Is it not the duty of governments to take action against immoralist philosophers who are undermining civilisation?’
    • ‘It is enough to make even the boldest immoralist, male or female, doubt the dissidence of such aesthetic pleasures when so evidently an epistemological closet for other desires.’
    • ‘Although we may willfully turn away from what we conceive as good, that is an unnatural action; Augustine has nothing to say here to the immoralist or the debauchee.’
    • ‘Nietzsche does not investigate these matters of nomenclature, but when he is condemning morality or kinds of morality, and when he is calling himself an immoralist, he has the purpose and point of life in mind.’
    • ‘And since their version of the immoralist position departs in significant ways from its inspiration, it would be somewhat misleading to treat the Republic as a whole as a response to Thrasymachus.’