Definition of immobilizer in English:


(also immobiliser)


  • A device for immobilizing a motor vehicle in order to prevent theft.

    • ‘The vast majority of new vans have engine immobilisers fitted, although few have full alarm systems.’
    • ‘People are also advised to buy steering locks, immobilisers and car alarms to foil potential thieves.’
    • ‘There are deadlocks, a low tyre pressure indicator, an engine immobiliser, rear parking sensor, a dipping left hand mirror for easier reversing, superb xenon headlamps and automatic headlights and wipers.’
    • ‘Similarly, when the starter button is pressed, along with the clutch pedal, the system recognises the transponder signal, releases the engine immobiliser and the steering lock, and the engine starts.’
    • ‘They said that every so often this type of problem emerges with immobilisers and electronic key fobs.’
    • ‘Security specification on the vehicle includes remote central double locking, locking fuel cap, immobiliser, anti-theft ceded audio equipment, visible VIN and an optional perimeter alarm.’
    • ‘Seat belt pretensioners, power steering, engine immobiliser, central locking, split rear seats, and tinted glass are standard equipment.’
    • ‘The majority of new vans have engine immobilisers fitted, and these are the best alarm-based products to use.’
    • ‘Electronic engine immobilisers prevent your vehicle from starting and are one of the best ways to stop thieves if the key is not stolen.’
    • ‘Police believe the increase in the effectiveness of car security devices including immobilisers has led to the increase in aggravated car crimes.’
    • ‘We have found that people with newer cars are complacent as they have security devices fitted and immobilisers.’
    • ‘Have an electronic immobiliser fitted and clearly mark all valuables with your name and postcode.’
    • ‘Engine immobilisers and sophisticated locks leave many careless owners carless.’
    • ‘On cars of this age CD players are rare but can be fitted retrospectively as should an engine immobiliser and ultrasonic protection.’
    • ‘Get an immobiliser, good quality locks and an alarm’
    • ‘All have an electronic engine immobiliser, and ABS is an option across the range.’
    • ‘I had a problem with a Renault where the immobiliser kept kicking in for no reason, cutting the engine either temporarily or, sometimes, permanently.’
    • ‘They could also consider using a battery optimiser to keep the battery fully charged which is especially important for bikes with an alarm or an immobiliser.’
    • ‘This reminds me greatly of the theory that posits armed car-jacking as a direct response to the increased efficacy of automotive anti-theft technology, such as ignition locks and immobilizers.’
    • ‘The estate comes with the same digital climate control, CD player with eight speakers, trip computer, electric windows and mirrors, and immobiliser as the hatch.’
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