Definition of immiserate in English:



  • See immiseration

    • ‘Meanwhile, proponents of intervention believed that markets, left to run on their own, would turn human beings into commodities, redistribute income upward, and immiserate a significant portion of the population.’
    • ‘This a-historical machine will exploit and immiserate people on our behalf and exonerate us in the process.’
    • ‘It is a human catastrophe that continues to immiserate and impoverish millions of people.’
    • ‘Perhaps it's also a sly reference to the level of insanity required to embark on such a quixotic venture, one notorious for hobbling, immiserating and occasionally impoverishing even the proudest, toughest egos Hollywood has to offer.’
    • ‘Far from being increasingly immiserated, many workers have experienced an increasing standard of living, and often vote for political parties committed to capitalism.’