Definition of immersion course in English:

immersion course


  • An educational course in which the teaching of a foreign language is conducted exclusively in that language.

    ‘he recently participated in a one-week Spanish immersion course’
    • ‘The program plans to add other courses, including immersion courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.’
    • ‘The principal said they will be offering a Spanish immersion course as an elective.’
    • ‘Our new Language and Culture Study Center has organized and delivered the first campus-based program of summer immersion courses in Arabic, Chinese and Spanish.’
    • ‘We should consider stateside immersion courses, using native speakers as instructors in a controlled environment.’
    • ‘Elementary schools offered Mandarin immersion courses aimed at making the anglophones bilingual.’
    • ‘Last year, the paper paid for thirteen weeks of Spanish lessons for anyone who wanted them, and Schultz took an immersion course in Guatemala, also on the paper's dime.’
    • ‘Their prize is a $1,700 federal grant to enroll in a French immersion course at Laval University in Québec City.’
    • ‘Radical experimentation is required, starting with an end to compulsory language classes, and trying immersion courses for well-motivated pupils.’
    • ‘A combination of the most up-to-date teaching and learning techniques supported by on-line and immersion courses should then be offered and made freely accessible to all.’
    • ‘I hoped a three-week immersion course would push my linguistic skills to a new level.’