Definition of immeasurably in English:



  • To an extreme or extensive degree; immensely.

    ‘the quality of service has improved immeasurably’
    as submodifier ‘the family was now immeasurably worse off’
    • ‘When it came to doing the music, it changed immeasurably because of him.’
    • ‘I was immeasurably moved and humbled.’
    • ‘I was immeasurably impressed at how well its original passionate spirit had been captured.’
    • ‘Since that time, I've always been immeasurably impressed by two artists in particular.’
    • ‘Trees add immeasurably to our quality of life.’
    • ‘It has presented challenges and rewards that have enriched my life immeasurably.’
    • ‘In subsequent months, life seems to have become immeasurably more complicated for the pair of them.’
    • ‘Its position has been made immeasurably worse by ferocious competition.’
    • ‘Her performance had improved immeasurably from last year.’
    • ‘He shows that he has grown immeasurably as a film-maker.’