Definition of immaculately in English:



  • 1In a perfectly clean, neat, or tidy manner.

    ‘he always appeared immaculately dressed’
    • ‘This is the man who represents the epitome of style in his immaculately pressed shirts.’
    • ‘The streets are immaculately and perversely neat.’
    • ‘Their farmstead and barnyard areas are immaculately tidy.’
    • ‘The rooms are spotless, the couples immaculately dressed.’
    • ‘He was always immaculately dressed.’
    • ‘She glides into the room, immaculately attired in pink and grey.’
    • ‘It has been immaculately maintained by the vendors.’
    • ‘Her hair is immaculately styled.’
    • ‘Decorated to showhouse standards, this immaculately presented residence provides a truly inviting interior.’
    • ‘She entered the immaculately clean laundry.’
    1. 1.1 Without mistakes; flawlessly.
      ‘immaculately timed performances’
      • ‘The music is immaculately produced.’
      • ‘This is an immaculately researched, sophisticatedly argued investigation.’
      • ‘They should be immaculately prepared so as to increase their chances of securing the required financing on the best possible terms.’
      • ‘They were so immaculately trained.’
      • ‘As usual with this architect, detailing is immaculately executed.’
      • ‘The more traditional arrangements show just how immaculately crafted these tunes really are.’
      • ‘They sing immaculately.’
      • ‘There is no organisation that is immaculately constructed no matter how ideologically correct.’
      • ‘The new work is immaculately crafted.’
      • ‘The layout is immaculately balanced resulting in simple but strong images.’