Definition of imitator in English:



  • Someone who copies the behaviour or actions of another.

    ‘the show's success has sparked off many imitators’
    • ‘It was thought the picture, which shows gondoliers and sailors at work in 18th century Venice, was a copy by an imitator or student of the artist and had been valued at no more than £5,000.’
    • ‘He was prolific - his signature is known on more than 50 vases - and inspired many pupils and imitators.’
    • ‘Engage in continuous research, knowing that if you're successful, imitators are sure to follow.’
    • ‘He's too original to be a mere imitator, too irreverent for a disciple.’
    • ‘A whole host of less able imitators have followed in Italy, many of whom have abandoned the richness of their original local wines.’
    copier, copyist, emulator, follower, mimic, plagiarist, ape, parrot, echo
    impersonator, impressionist, mimicker
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