Definition of Imbolc in English:



  • An ancient Celtic festival celebrated on the second day of February.

    • ‘Like many Celtic festivals, the Imbolc celebrations centred around the lighting of fires.’
    • ‘You don't get a day off from school to celebrate Imbolc; I have to keep my rituals short and quiet, but I honor the Lady nonetheless.’
    • ‘One morning in the first week of February after Imbolc I was getting books out of my locker when I saw Kelli appear at my side.’
    • ‘In Imbolc, a sunken circle is paved with an abstract, carved stone representation of Brigit as three sisters, the three patrons of poetry, the crafts and midwifery.’
    • ‘The last couple of days have been the festival of Imbolc, the beginning of spring.’


A Celtic word, literally ‘in the belly or womb’, the festival being dedicated to women and fertility.