Definition of imaginal disc in English:

imaginal disc


  • A thickening of the epidermis of an insect larva which, on pupation, develops into a particular organ of the adult insect.

    • ‘Because the dorsal body wall develops from the wing imaginal disc, data on thoracic body wall patterning are available in Drosophila.’
    • ‘The adult eye develops from a monolayer of epithelial cells, the eye imaginal disc.’
    • ‘The genital imaginal discs contain primordia for both male and female reproductive organs and the major function of the sex-determination pathway is to repress the opposite sex primordia.’
    • ‘Why are imaginal discs present in some insects and not in others?’
    • ‘The imaginal discs now develop into rudimentary adult appendages like wings, legs, and antennae.’