Definition of image consultant in English:

image consultant


  • A person employed to give advice about ways to improve the public image of an individual, organization, etc.

    ‘she is clearly being coached by image consultants’
    • ‘As an image consultant to the rich and whiny, Russ claws through the days with biting comments and a nasty disposition.’
    • ‘These guys really don't need any image consultants 'cause they're doin' just fine on their own.’
    • ‘A team of beauticians, fashion gurus and image consultants has been lined up to host the event.’
    • ‘The secretaries have been treated to an image consultant brought in at company expense to teach them how to tart themselves up.’
    • ‘Professionals seeking to energize their work look has meant more business for image consultants.’
    • ‘"My image consultant says they complement my winter-type face," he explained.’
    • ‘PR firms often act as image consultants as well, working with the company and its executives to make sure they present the best possible impression when meeting with the press.’
    • ‘If you still cannot find the right colors for you, you might want to visit an image consultant in your area.’
    • ‘Coaches will advise you on your body language as well as how to answer difficult questions, while image consultants will focus more on such things as etiquette to give you the desired polish.’
    • ‘It's a shame, because with a good producer, a better songwriter and perhaps more importantly, an image consultant, Christina could be a contender.’