Definition of illegitimately in English:



  • See illegitimate

    • ‘The answer could of course be yes: One could argue that such state decisions illegitimately interfere with the democratic will, as expressed by the state legislature.’
    • ‘We hear that the areas around Lockerbie Scrub at the tip of Cape York, and Iron Range near the Lockhart River, have been heavily collected both legitimately and illegitimately in the last few years.’
    • ‘They have routinely violated norms of political conduct, smothered information necessary for informed public debate, and illegitimately exploited government power to perpetuate their rule.’
    • ‘Or it could be personal vanity; the desire to illegitimately insert one's own, otherwise unknown name, as the ‘editor’ of the works of Mahatma Gandhi.’
    • ‘That power was illegitimately taken, but make no mistake: we are not without responsibility, because in all too many cases, we have allowed it to happen.’