Definition of ill temper in English:

ill temper


  • [mass noun] Irritability; anger:

    ‘her normal ill temper was exacerbated by discomfort’
    • ‘Mathian's face darkened, but then he made himself draw a deep breath as the older knight's reply fanned his ill temper afresh.’
    • ‘The group spends a pleasant day at Mr. Knightley's home, the only uneasiness caused by Miss Fairfax's leaving early, then by Mr. Churchill's ill temper.’
    • ‘Within days my energy levels pick up, and my tendency to ill temper and irritability fades away.’
    • ‘Even though he knew Tom's ill temper was more likely caused by the early hour, than any real irritation with the hound, he was not willing to see his brother harm his new friend.’
    • ‘Between 1849 and 1854 she published three travel books of singular ill temper.’
    • ‘This minor ailment is lending itself to restless sleep, a messed-up palate (last night's dinner was nothing but dessert) and general ill temper, all just in time for the shopping days before Christmas.’
    • ‘Despite his ill temper, Jane's ‘loving and generous soul,’ and her ‘unselfish, angelic nature’ have helped her to return Paul's slights with thoughtful acts of love.’
    • ‘Diabetes campaigners also stressed last night that while the illness can affect concentration and cause ill temper and fatigue, there is no reason a sufferer, with the help of insulin injections, cannot play a full Cabinet role.’
    • ‘Lucas tells us that, while Spinoza did not condemn marriage, he rejected it for himself, perhaps fearing the ill temper of a woman, and in any case recognizing in matrimony a threat to his scholarly interests.’
    • ‘He didn't eat right, didn't exercise, was susceptible to long hours of simmering ill temper.’
    • ‘Wang Lung is distressed because he does not know what to do with his son's ill temper.’
    • ‘Nor have his bluster and ill temper improved matters.’
    • ‘Sometimes these debates degenerate into ill temper, but this time we seem to have found a few bits of common ground.’
    • ‘An outburst of ill temper on hearing of British collapse in the Burma campaign was entirely uncharacteristic.’
    • ‘Beware of ego conflicts, rashness and ill temper.’
    • ‘Well, major - if you think that is major, by comparison with the rudeness, ill temper, anger, that I have seen over the years in courts, this is minor.’
    • ‘His fierceness of spirit was composed of two elements, a serious Calvinistic desire to denounce evil and a habitual nervous ill temper, for which he often reproached himself but which he never managed to defeat.’
    • ‘The faithful air shield does not allow David to hear the ill temper in her voice.’
    • ‘Despite his ill temper, however, every day that he spends in the calm atmosphere of the peaceful village seems to soften him.’
    • ‘Dehydration can lead to sugar cravings, fatigue, and an ill temper marked by edginess and cloudy thinking.’
    bad mood, annoyance, irritation, vexation, exasperation, indignation, huff, moodiness, pet, pique, fit of pique, displeasure
    anger, crossness, fury, rage, outrage, bad temper, tantrum
    irritability, irascibility, peevishness, tetchiness, testiness, dyspepsia, spleen
    paddy, strop
    blowout, hissy fit
    bate, wax
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