Definition of ill luck in English:

ill luck


mass noun
  • Bad luck; misfortune.

    ‘their efforts have been hampered by ill luck’
    • ‘I hardly watch any TV, yet in the last week I had the ill luck of seeing this three times.’
    • ‘In the night attack he seems to have displayed some courage and resolution, but was dogged by ill luck and the inexperience of himself and his men.’
    • ‘Here ill luck seems to have overtaken me--I met with one failure after another.’
    • ‘As ill luck would have it, one of my internal exams has now been scheduled right in the middle of the little break I was banking on.’
    • ‘The mystery of Ross - whether he's turned feral by choice or by circumstance or ill luck - remains unanswered.’
    • ‘Although I rarely wish ill luck on anybody, in this case I really, really hope they went on to set fire to their own tents.’
    • ‘Ill luck befell him when his machine ran out of fuel.’
    • ‘As ill luck would have it, our exploits came to the knowledge of the police.’
    • ‘There was an element of ill luck, but every so often, as gamblers would tell us, long odds do come off.’
    • ‘Throughout India, owls are construed as bad omens, messengers of ill luck, or servants of the dead.’