Definition of ill humour in English:

ill humour


mass noun
  • Irritability or bad temper.

    ‘his kindlier feelings abated to be replaced by ill humour’
    in singular ‘his arrival had put her in an ill humour’
    • ‘But this discomfort increased and, though not exactly painful, grew into a sense of pressure in his side, accompanied by ill humour.’
    • ‘The fourth ring is the prison of the wrathful, those who indulged their anger, and the sullen, those who indulged their ill humor.’
    • ‘What she had done to deserve his ill humor, she had not the faintest idea.’
    • ‘Mitchell took his release in ill humor, as he should have.’
    • ‘‘You and I are not very different from each other, Father,’ said Le Pire as his eyes flickered in ill humor.’
    • ‘Instead, Pertelote believed that they were signs of ill humor.’
    • ‘Small clues gave him away - tardiness in meeting, sudden departures, unexplained flashes of ill humour that were always smoothly explained or quickly concealed.’
    • ‘‘Go on, let him take it Henpot’, I said in ill humor.’
    • ‘Mrs. Bennet is in such an ill humor that she is rude to the Lucases and Mr. Collins when he returns.’
    • ‘I wondered exactly how Lord Brindebella had convinced Captain Levine, a man of immense ill humour and impatience, to take on an extra passenger, but I was pretty sure a large sum of money would have changed hands.’
    • ‘Its inventory of older meanings also includes, per Webster's, latent spite, ill humor, malice, a sudden motion or action, melancholy, caprice, even a fit of immoderate laughter or merriment.’
    • ‘Our captain was a strict disciplinarian who wouldn't think twice about not letting us wear sneakers or breaking up a poker game if he was in ill humor.’
    • ‘Piercing gray eyes that appeared cold under the dim phosphorescent lights, were studying her with curiosity and ill humor.’
    • ‘Her eyes darted toward his and she caught the glimmer of ill humor.’
    • ‘He is credited with inventing the tough guy's motto: Take the straightest path to the puck and arrive in ill humor.’
    • ‘Already the fans are getting restless and many of those who made the trip to Taunton were in ill humour by tea-time yesterday.’
    • ‘Bahzell agreed with a snort, ill humor banished.’
    • ‘Croft stuffed the letter back in his pocket and, in ill humour, mounted up and spurred his horse back to Town.’
    • ‘More than once, they have earned notoriety for their boorish behaviour against the visiting teams - England, West Indies and Pakistan have all borne the brunt of their ill humour earlier.’
    bad mood, bad temper, ill temper, irritability, irascibility, cantankerousness, peevishness, petulance, pettishness, pique, fit of pique, querulousness, crabbiness, testiness, tetchiness, fractiousness, snappishness, waspishness, touchiness, moodiness, sullenness, sulkiness, surliness, resentment, rancour, spleen, dyspepsia, biliousness, sourness, annoyance, anger, crossness
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ill humour