Definition of ill-shaped in English:



  • Having a bad or abnormal shape or form; misshapen.

    ‘noticeable features such as a narrow chin or ill-shaped knees’
    • ‘Eventually they came to the conclusion that a new structure may be more appropriate for the cafeteria rather than a potentially ill-shaped existing structure.’
    • ‘She found him ugly, disfigured by deep scars of the small-pox, and that he also had an ill-shaped nose, with swellings in the neck!’
    • ‘He is described in files as 'very short, boney face, ill-shaped ears, disproportionately small for size of man'.’
    • ‘The black cattle uniformly consist of an ill-shaped, small-boned breed of the Highland species.’
    • ‘The faces are often ill-shaped and distraught.’
    • ‘He went to see her for himself, incognito, but made the excuse that she was too ill-shaped.’
    • ‘He was ill-shaped, ridiculous in carriage, with a nose like a knife, the gaze of a bull and the face of a fool.’
    deformed, malformed, distorted, crooked, contorted, wry, twisted, warped, out of shape, bent, bandy, asymmetrical, irregular, misproportioned, ill-proportioned, disfigured, hunchbacked, abnormal, grotesque, monstrous
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