Definition of ill-informed in English:



  • Having or showing an inadequate awareness of the facts.

    ‘ill-informed opinions’
    • ‘When he last took an ill-informed swipe at weblogs and social software, I posted a rant in response, but I wished I hadn't bothered.’
    • ‘I'll make some ill-informed comment on that tomorrow.’
    • ‘I have no problem with you expressing your opinions, but that doesn't mean that your opinions cannot be stupid, or ill-informed, or ignorant.’
    • ‘At heart, I fear that much of the ill-informed criticism stems from this misunderstanding about the role of columnists and commentators.’
    • ‘But to base a huge programme of traffic retardation on the idea that speed is the cause of all accidents is ill-informed and unforgivably simple.’
    • ‘To suggest that officials have the right to enter homes, and to take photographs of private possessions is ill-informed scaremongering.’
    • ‘In fact, most of their attacks had been ill-informed.’
    • ‘Finally, the reference to the economy was ill-informed.’
    • ‘Stereotyping is the refuge of those who are afraid, ignorant, ill-informed, or just filled with hatred.’
    • ‘If you believe that then, I am afraid, you have fallen hook line and sinker for the ill-informed and ignorant bile peddled by some of the media and extremists.’
    • ‘But he knew that Johnson would consider such fiction ‘a vulgar pandering to an ill-informed public’.’
    • ‘At best it was mere opinion, and almost always it was ill-informed and wrong opinion.’
    • ‘All the parties of the Scottish parliament should be fighting against the rantings of the ill-informed and ignorant.’
    • ‘The stigma associated with homelessness is so ill-informed.’
    • ‘But if he won't, then we truly don't need his ill-informed and misguided opinions to try to say otherwise.’
    • ‘People have repeatedly pointed out to you precisely why your opinion is ill-informed and wrong.’
    • ‘Don't listen to the ill-informed critics who say Swindon has no culture.’
    • ‘With the election approaching, we know that we can voice whatever opinions we like, however ill-informed, vicious or just plain silly.’
    • ‘The article maybe chose the wrong words and certainly was mistaken in being ill-informed about Hillsborough, but its point was valid.’
    • ‘Bigots, almost by definition, are generally ill-informed, so any actual facts will tend to throw them.’
    untaught, unschooled, ill-educated, untutored, untrained, unread, unscholarly, illiterate, unlettered, ignorant, uninformed, lowbrow
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