Definition of ill-famed in English:



  • Famous for a bad quality or action.

    ‘they got to be somewhat ill-famed for drunkenness’
    • ‘Life has not improved for the millions of rural poor still caught up in the struggle between the guerrilla, the ill-famed army and the murderous paramilitary groups.’
    • ‘After the Battle of Sedgemoor in 1685 the Bloody Assizes were held in Dorchester with the ill famed Judge Jeffery's presiding.’
    • ‘Oregon has the ill-famed distinction of ranking among the states with the highest jobless levels in the country.’
    • ‘The West Riding of Yorkshire in the late eighteenth century was ill-famed for its robust and independent plebeian culture.’
    • ‘The Vatican signed its ill-famed concordat with Hitler in 1933 to prevent him from grabbing church property and meddling in church affairs.’
    • ‘What on earth was he doing, walking unaccompanied to the most ill-famed area of the town?’
    notorious, disreputable, of ill-repute
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