Definition of ill-disciplined in English:



  • Behaving badly and with a lack of control.

    ‘firm steps will be taken to deal with ill-disciplined children’
    ‘a reckless and ill-disciplined player’
    • ‘The military and police are "under-resourced, poorly equipped and ill-disciplined".’
    • ‘His ill-disciplined behaviour led to a recommendation that he be dismissed from the service.’
    • ‘Seeing to the needs of so many energetic (and in fewer cases ill-disciplined) children is a Herculean task.’
    • ‘But as we know, many companies are ill-disciplined in applying security patches as they come out.’
    • ‘In both cases, superior arms and training quickly over-awed ill-disciplined opponents.’
    • ‘The Conquistadors captain, Willie Boy (Norman Beaton), is having problems convincing his ill-disciplined team to accept the challenge.’
    • ‘They have beaten an ill-disciplined Spanish team 3-2, to record their only win in pool play.’
    • ‘However, 5-1 was hard on Magdalen, who were certainly lively in the first half, if ill-disciplined at the close.’
    • ‘To the migrants, the locals seemed lazy and ill-disciplined; to the locals, the new arrivals seemed rude and mercenary.’
    • ‘We should not allow groups of bored, ill-disciplined youths to turn it into a no-go zone by teatime.’