Definition of ill-defined in English:



  • Not having a clear description or limits; vague.

    ‘ill-defined concepts’
    • ‘It's a war unlike any war that's gone before, with ill-defined enemies and with no clear campaign methodology on which to call.’
    • ‘Scotland remains vague and ill-defined in the US consciousness.’
    • ‘Offutt provides a weak and ill-defined concept of region as the basis for her placement of Saltillo.’
    • ‘It is therefore of some concern that the management failures identified by the Scottish expert group appear to be ill-defined and ambiguous.’
    • ‘No, he favors a vague and ill-defined form of collective ownership that the workers will figure out as they bumble and stumble along towards bankruptcy.’
    • ‘This would have killed two birds with one stone, combining a focusless programme looking for a theme with an ill-defined product looking for an identity.’
    • ‘The preamble is all about metaphysical, ill-defined concepts, as Dr Mapp pointed out.’
    • ‘Until now, the multiverse was a hazy, ill-defined concept-little more than a philosophical trick.’
    • ‘And there is an air of ill-defined frustration about him.’
    • ‘Official favour is still needed in a country with a shaky legal system, ill-defined property rights and political protection that can be abruptly removed.’
    • ‘I'd rather discuss specific authors and their ideas, rather than some vague, ill-defined movement.’
    • ‘The third major problem with the challenge as it stands depends on people making a voluntary sacrifice towards a nebulous and ill-defined common cause.’
    • ‘This ill-defined and much-abused concept is at base a simple one.’
    • ‘In the Collins Review it's presented as a vague and ill-defined feel-good motherhood concept.’
    • ‘Comity, however, is an ill-defined concept, and for that reason can be arbitrary in its application.’
    • ‘We also believe absolutely that there is no place in this day and age for an ill-defined concept of spirituality.’
    • ‘Instead it recognises ‘signs and symptoms of ill-defined conditions’ for which veterans can claim disability pensions.’
    • ‘They pass the time in a hazy half-light, drifting from one ill-defined moment to the next in works deeply suspicious of form and language.’
    • ‘The weather being exactly the same every day out here, means that days become ill-defined and merge into a stream of time, rather than form days, weeks, and months.’
    • ‘This isn't a struggle against some distant, ill-defined enemy.’
    vague, indistinct, unclear, imprecise, inexplicit
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