Definition of ill-concealed in English:



  • (especially of an emotion) not well concealed; obvious.

    ‘she was seething with ill-concealed resentment’
    • ‘Suddenly an outsider in Alice and Martin's lives, Benjamin looks on with ill-concealed jealousy at what they have.’
    • ‘She was on bad terms with him and even worse with his successor, to whose demise she looked forward with ill-concealed relish.’
    • ‘We were pulling the late night shift watching with ill-concealed jealousy as luckier souls exited.’
    • ‘We had read all the press releases and brochures, yet our impatience was ill-concealed as the BMW press officers gave a brief overview of their newest produce.’
    • ‘He surveyed the room with ill-concealed disdain.’
    • ‘The prize-winning architect who also worked on the project said the criticism amounted to ill-concealed envy.’
    • ‘Ill-concealed beneath the impeccably civilised surface of the Portuguese filmmaker's comedies there bristles a flinty refusal to take any prisoners.’
    • ‘It would be curious if so incriminating an item were to be found so ill-concealed by a surprise raid nine months after the alleged use of that weapon.’
    • ‘He took satisfaction in sitting back and observing their ill-concealed discomfort.’
    • ‘With the ill-concealed hostility between many of the players and the administrators still very strong, can one expect morale to be high?’