Definition of ill-advisedly in English:



  • See ill-advised

    • ‘If people think that civil servants or ministers put their minds to this ill-advisedly then they couldn't be more wrong.’
    • ‘The Donner Pass was named after the emigrants from the Midwest who ill-advisedly brought their wagon train up through these mountains in 1844 and had to resort to cannibalism to survive the winter.’
    • ‘The Coast Guard, by the way, unfortunately - and in my opinion, ill-advisedly - sank this wonderful contraption that was a vehicle for freedom for these people.’
    • ‘He decided to curb his alcohol consumption and ill-advisedly he turned to the heavy use of cannabis.’
    • ‘It was ill-advisedly set up by Pats (who, incidentally, has never properly apologised for the horror she inflicted on me).’