Definition of ignominiously in English:



  • See ignominious

    • ‘In this instance, as with many others, the outrage was more than justified by the dismal result - Stallone's remake was swept ignominiously under the carpet and should be heading straight for a video store near you very soon.’
    • ‘There were stories of the glorious Silver Armada being lost at sea, of the galleons loaded with silver and gold for the Empire's coffers having been sunk ignominiously, and of disastrous defeats on land.’
    • ‘Still, it could be worse: as I wheel my bike ignominiously towards passport control, I find some consolation in the fact that my panniers are still firmly attached to my bike, and that there isn't a Winnebago in sight..’
    • ‘When McArthur was, somewhat ignominiously, booted out of south-east Asia during world war two, his parting shot was ‘I'll be back.’’
    • ‘The ‘worst’ version occupied most of the 87 minutes as the holders struggled, at times ignominiously, to keep the Division 2 challengers at bay.’