Definition of ignition switch in English:

ignition switch


  • A switch by means of which the engine of a motor vehicle may be started or stopped.

    ‘I turned the key in the ignition switch and pressed the accelerator’
    • ‘Just turn off the ignition switch to kill the engine!’
    • ‘Put your foot on the brake, twist an ignition switch and you are away.’
    • ‘As a result, GM has developed a new ignition switch that is larger and easier to turn.’
    • ‘Turn individual ignition switches to BOTH after the engine has turned at least three blades.’
    • ‘Trying my best to ignore the ergonomic challenge, I flicked the ignition switch, depressed the light clutch and hit the starter button.’
    • ‘High current flows through the ignition switch and this condition sometimes produces enough heat to melt internal switch parts.’
    • ‘A diagnostic trouble code for a transmission can really mean a faulty ignition switch.’
    • ‘The car is expected to travel 245 miles on a full tank and is ready to drive 10 seconds after turning the ignition switch.’
    • ‘"I flip the ignition switch, and it had better start right up," he said.’
    • ‘They will test the ignition switch and, if necessary, replace it.’