Definition of ignition coil in English:

ignition coil


  • An induction coil in an internal combustion engine for converting a low-voltage current into one whose voltage is sufficient to produce the spark.

    ‘check the leads from the ignition coil to the distributor’
    • ‘When it comes to the wiring from the battery to the electronic components, including the starter motor and the ignition coil, copper wins 'hands-down'.’
    • ‘Other changes include more efficient ignition coils that require less energy to provide a comparable spark.’
    • ‘It will recall more than three-quarters of a million vehicles in the U.S. and Europe due to faulty ignition coils.’
    • ‘Every generator, transformer and motor - from power stations to car ignition coils - relies on coatings to insulate all the copper wire in its basic construction.’
    • ‘If an ignition coil is faulty it will often start from cold perfectly well but fail after the motorcycle has run for a few miles causing misfiring or complete failure.’
    • ‘Typically, from an ignition coil you'll get short pulses of about 20,000 Volts - though at a relatively low current.’
    • ‘The ignition coil only gets short pulses of a relatively high intensity - and only while the engine is running.’
    • ‘Many owners find that one or more of the ignition coils fail.’
    • ‘The ignition coil of his car suffered a glitch after 17 laps of afternoon practice.’
    • ‘Adding Pentium-PC heatsink and fans where the ignition coil and injector drivers are solved the issue.’