Definition of ignimbrite in English:



mass nounGeology
  • A volcanic rock consisting essentially of pumice fragments, formed by the consolidation of material deposited by pyroclastic flows.

    • ‘The unit is an orange/red-weathered ignimbrite, which is generally massive and strongly feldsparphyric.’
    • ‘Streaks of crushed pumice are called fiammé and are diagnostic of an ash deposit called an ignimbrite.’
    • ‘The 7-35 m thick tuff is massive, rhyodacitic, K-feldsparrich and contains abundant siliceous nodules; it is interpreted as an ignimbrite.’
    • ‘Low glass viscosity and rapid welding of ignimbrite would be principally favoured by high-temperature emplacement, alkaline magmatic composition and incomplete degassing.’
    • ‘Significant differential neotectonic rotations are not evident across the NE continuation of this fault but are detected across the Erciyes pull-apart basin in the 2.8 Ma Incesu ignimbrite.’


1930s: from Latin ignis ‘fire’ + imber, imbr- ‘shower of rain, storm cloud’ + -ite.